Level IV kiosks are somewhat more expensive as they have the maximum amount of design flexibility. Within this level you will find many of the designs offered by US and European Kiosk companies as well as several of the outdoor configured kiosks that are offered worldwide.

These models are available in basic as well as more complex configurations and have excellent design flexibility so that they can accommodate most extra components that may be needed.

Should any of these kiosks appeal to you, please indicate the model number when corresponding with our kiosk support staff.

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MT 915

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MT 918

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MT 950

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MT 920

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MT 922

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MT 930

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MT 955

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MT 953

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MT 975
iPad Kiosk

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MT 964

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MT 960

Outdoor Kiosk Models ____________________________________________

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MT 940

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MT 941

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MT 962

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MT 943

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MT 942

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