All kiosks offered by Middle East Kiosk Solutions are built by manufacturers that hold ISO 9001-2000 certifications and build/test their products to UL and CE standards. ISO 9000 ensures that a company adheres to kiosk engineering/design and manufacturing standards approved by the International ISO organization.

Should any of these kiosks appeal to you, please indicate the model number when corresponding with our kiosk support staff. It would also be helpful if you could indicate the components you desire installed within your kiosk.
Level I kiosks are the most affordable we offer. On the other hand, these kiosks may not be able to accommodate as many extra components within the kiosk structure as kiosks at the other levels.

Level ONE, Lowest Cost Kiosks _____________________________________________________

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MT 501

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MT 201C

Stacks Image 1015

MT 509A

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MT 509

Stacks Image 1016

MT 501A

Stacks Image 1018

MT 501B

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MT 501J

Stacks Image 1020

MT 201J

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MT 201L

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MT 201B

Stacks Image 1024

MT 506A

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MT 201F

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MT 211A

Stacks Image 1026

MT 201

Stacks Image 1027

MT 506L

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